Tiny Stars~Little Dippers 

45 Minute Class

This class will enhance your child’s balance and coordination. The use of different exercises and activities provides a fun start to building core strength. The students will be exposed to the floor exercise, trampoline, bars, and balance beam. Your future gymnast will be introduced to basic gymnastics in this class (climbing, rolling, hand support skills, balancing.) The Instructor will focus on improving loco-motor skill development (hopping, skipping, running, crawling, landing, swinging, leaping, etc). They will also have the opportunity to practice preschool-early elementary social awareness skills (sharing, taking turns, courtesy, following rules, listening and directional skills, etc). Students will execute basic gymnastics skill development as well as general physical fitness skills (catching, throwing, eye hand coordination, kicking) through games and station circuits.


Big Dippers~Shining Stars 


This class is geared to the four Olympic events of the vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. The girl’s gymnastics class develops physical strength, flexibility, agility, and confidence. The developmental program serves as a stepping stone from our recreational program to the competitive program. However, it is designed for both serious and non-serious gymnasts. The gymnast who has desire and is interested in one day becoming a competitive gymnast will have the opportunity to build their skills to prepare for the competitive program. In this class the students will experience a more structured and detailed approach to our instruction.  The Instructor will provide a FUN, CHALLENGING and SATISFYING atmosphere in a safe-friendly environment.


Shooting Stars


The tumbling class will focus on the event floor exercise. They will use the tumble-track trampoline as a tool to help develop tumble skills. This class will provide instruction for all abilities from beginner to advanced levels. Great opportunity for dancers and cheerleaders to gain extra tumbling practice!